Passover Seder 2023 - Hakhel Year 5783

  • Students come free.

    No one is turned away for lack of funds. 

    There are community sponsored seats. Message Rabbi at 250.575.5384 to join the Seder as our personal guests.   

  • Passover items are available at Peters Y.I.G. (Your Independent Grocer) at the Capri Shopping centre by Hwy 97 and Gordon dr. Please contact us if  you can use extra assistance with the traditional Seder plate items that you may need for your Seder. 

  • Passover Wishlist 5783 - 2023

    There are over 25 cities and towns throughout the Okanagan and Kootenays receiving Passover goods, including Shmurah Matzah, educational materials in print, holiday artifacts or food and so on, in addition to the over 200 families in the Kelowna and immediate surrounding areas. 

    There are major costs involved in providing joyous, fulfilling and meaningful Jewish experiences to our people in Kelowna and throughout the BC interior. And it's precisely this work, and its kind year round, that has connected hundreds of our people in our area to healing, peace, joy and fulfillment in life, and to their Jewishness. This directly impacts the continuation and future of a proud Judaism and Jewish people. 

    Please invest in Jewish future. 

    A proud and joyous Jewish future. 

    There is no other organization that is serving many of these isolated communities and Jewish people living in these very remote areas. We can't afford it financially. But they can't afford not to receive these vital services and connections.

    That's why we must say YES! 

    If you are able to, please say YES and partner with us. We're doing the work of toil and sweat, 24/7 to serve the community.  Please join us and help fuel it.  

    The month of April @Chabad Okanagan costs over $25,000

    * Wine/juice for all seders and kiddushs throughout Pesach- $650

    * Wine/Juice for the Spring/Summer months - $2,800 

    * Shmurah Maztah for the Seders - $800

    * Shmurah Matzah for distribution - $1,800

    * Sponsor a full Seder - $2,500

    * Canada Post for mailings and care packages- $1,000 (Sponsored by: Marlene Blond, in honour of Chabad) 

    * Pesach produce - $750 

    * Passover educational booklet - $650

    * Pesach Community Food Care Packages- $1,800

    * Children's Pre-Holiday Matzah Bakery event - $1,000

    * Special Passover Gift for every child in the community- $800 

    * Yeshiva Boys (flights, room and board) /Their local invaluable house visits/Their local invaluable activities and impact -  $2,500

    * Festival of the future (last day of Pesach)- $1,000 

    * Cooking and Cleaning help - $1,500

    If you know anyone who can use a Pesach package - PLEASE LET US KNOW! We're here to serve. 

    If your child would like to receive the gift, and we might not have your name or address, please email [email protected] or text 250.575.5384  asap. 


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