Chabad is always open for guests at our Shabbat dinners each week.
Join us for a wonderful experience as we celebrate a Shabbat that will give you insight
into the traditions and customs that have enriched our lives for thousands of years.

You’ll enjoy our delicious Shabbat cuisine, including Shabbos fish, chicken soup, kugels
and all the trimmings!

You’ll hear all the beautiful Shabbat songs and melodies that have been sung throughout
the generations. You’ll hear insights into the weekly Torah portions, delightful Chassidic
stories and an English explanation of the Sabbath traditions.

You’ll meet friendly people from the Okanagan and beyond. And most important, you’ll
feel welcome in an atmosphere that will warm your heart and ignite your soul.

So, this week, make sure you attend and give yourself a "Shabbat Shalom". 

Please Contact Us to let us know when you would like to join us.