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Chabad Lubavitch , the world’s largest Jewish educational outreach organization is a vibrant and dynamic force in Jewish life. With over 4000, educational, social, and religious institutions worldwide, its activities have touched the lives of millions of Jews.
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  • Donating an Organ Not Once, but Twice!What motivates a person to donate an organ to a perfect stranger? Read More
  • I Am an American and a JewRights for Self-Determination Vs. Obligations for Spiritual Growth Read More
  • A Living LegacyWe are not celebrating the past, but something very real, in the present. Read More
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If G‑d plants someone in your circle of influence who needs you, be there for them—even if it’s not your thing.
Psalms is a most beloved book, filled with prayers, praises, and prose. Compiled by David, it is an essential part of the Jewish Canon.
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What motivates a person to donate an organ to a perfect stranger?
I was a firecracker baby, as American as apple pie and baseball.
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