Lecture and Dinner Series

  • Taste of Yeshiva Lecture and Dinner Series

  • "Taste of Yeshiva"

    Lecture and Dinner Series


    Tuesday's Dinner Lecture is Entitled:

    Why Does Ritual Leave Me UnInspired
    How to Enrich Mine and My Family's Ritual Experiences
    Wednesday's Dinner Lecture is Entitled:
    Crossing the Gender Barrier
    Men and Women in Prayer
    Thursday's Dinner Lecture is Entitled :
    The Art of Torah Exegesis:
    Rabbi Ishmael's Principles of Hermeneutics
    Friday's Shabbat Dinner Lecture is Entitled:
    The Kabbala of Jewish Meditation
    Where the Mundane Meets the G-dly
    Shabbat Lunch Lecture is Entitled:
    Falling in Love or Growing to Love
    Love, Like Wine, Improves with Age


    The Chabad Okanagan Taste of Yeshiva program is made possible through a generous grant  in loving memory and in honour of Avrohom Dov ben Yaakov Gad and Bayla bat Yisrael Yosef o.b.m. by their family in British Columbia. 

    Please partner with us and enable young Jewish men to engage with their Judaism like never before! 

    Student Sponsor: $250 | Torah Sponsor: $500 | Talmud Sponsor: $1000 | Yeshiva Sponsor: $1,800

  • Rabbi Lazer Gurkow

    Rabbi Lazer Gurkow is a thinker and teacher that audiences relate to. In his easy, informal manner, Lazer engages his listeners and leads them on provocative journeys of thought.

    A sought-after lecturer, his talks combine hands-on mentorship with empowering self-help techniques. He is gifted with the ability to present the complicated in easily understood language and has successfully lectured to audiences across Israel, Australia, Europe and North America.

    Lazer has authored Portraits of Leadership, a curriculum on leadership for the Rhor Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) that was taught to 50000 students in six continents. A prolific author, he has published more than 1000 essays in print and online publications. He is a member of JLI’s curriculum team, a columnist for and Israel National News and blogs at Jerusalem Post and Times of Israel. His weekly Torah essays can be found at He is the author of two books, "Reaching for G-d: The Jewish Book of Self Help",  and "Mission Possible: Living with Higher Purpose".

    He serves as Rabbi to Congregation Beth Tefilah in London Ontario

  • The Lecture and Dinner series is by donation.

    It's only through support from people like yourself that we are able to provide these extraordinary opportunities, and be able to include everyone who would like to attend despite the challenging financial crises that many are facing during this time. 

    Please make a contribution of your means towards the evening lectures and dinners that you will be attending.  

    If you would like to contribute towards helping fund these invaluable programs, we will be greatly appreciative.  

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