The Okanagan Mitzvah Tank is: 

  • A traveling Jewish Educational and Resource Centre 
  • A Centre for Routine Acts of Goodness and Kindness.... in motion!

The Hebrew word Mitzvah actually means "to connect" or "to bind". 

That's the essence of a Mitzvah, which includes all good deeds and loving-kindness toward our fellow and toward G‑d. 

Mitzvahs are transcendent yet pragmatic Divine given opportunities for us to connect.

To connect with G‑d, the Creator of the universe who remains its current leader and who put us here for a purpose to serve. 

To connect with our true inner infinite G‑dly self.

To connect with other people and with all that exists in the universe. 

We offer:

  • Hebrew Reading Courses 
  • Hebrew School Comes to Your Home
  • Torah Based Counseling and Support For Caregivers and People in all forms of Leadership Positions, including Parents, Teachers, Managers and so on. 
  • The A.R.K. Project for homes, offices and schools
  • Kosher Cafe Meetings (Book in Advance) 
  • Judaica Items for Sale 
  • Rural Jewish Interactions Throughout the Valley
  • Kosher Food Sales 
  • Routine Acts of Kindness on The Streets of Kelowna
  • School Presentations About Judaism and its Kabbalah aspect 
  • Free Bread for Single Moms
  • Ongoing Community Support Projects 
  • All Jewish Needs On The Go - Just Let Us Know