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  • Dear Parents,

    Our love for each other, our love for life, our joy and optimism, our trust in G-d - is 100 times stronger than terror.

    Alongside doing everything possible from a security front in order to protect innocent human lives, we act with spiritual ammunition which is even more powerful.

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe often emphatically proclaimed that the Mitzvot and good deeds we do brings G-d’s protection everywhere in a tangible way.

    That's what we need to focus on.

    What we CAN do, to strengthen Am Yisroel, to strengthen our community, to strengthen our children and the next generation!

    To this end, at Chabad Okanagan we're now working on new projects to bring unprecedented light to our city, to help heal the world and bring Tikkun Olam. 

    Stay tuned. 

    New Light #1: 

    We’re excited to announce the launch of our first ever year partnering with the JewQ International Torah Championship. 

    The children of our community will join thousands of other Jewish kids from around the world as they become masters of Jewish knowledge. 

    This program is open to every Jewish family in Kelowna and throughout the Okanagan. No affiliation or membership necessary. 

  • Here’s how the program works:

    • When your child signs up, they’ll receive a copy of "Living Jewish", a stunning and incredible 250 page colorful textbook masterpiece, which contains all the fundamentals of our Jewish heritage, laid out brilliantly for children.  

    • Each grade will study a different section of the book, then take three tests to showcase their knowledge.

    • Fun prizes are distributed after each test! 

    • Fun review games online help kids master the material, and a prize is given out along with every test. 

    • Contestants will have a chance to showcase their knowledge at a local and regional championship, a chance to celebrate their effort.

    • Gathering in person happens each Monday night at Chabad with Kosher snacks and a fun environment for study! Beginning this coming Monday. From 4:00pm -5:00pm. 

    • There will be a special space along with Kosher snacks for Moms to hang out while study is in session. AKA "The Moms Room" @ Chabad. 

    All contestants who achieved at least a 70% average on all 3 tests are invited to the highly-anticipated Ckids Shabbaton, where the top champion from our community will go onstage to compete live in the JewQ International Championship in New York. 

    While our students will learn the information at Chabad every Monday evening, we believe that an important part of the learning experience occurs at home.

    We encourage our students to spend at least 35 minutes each week mastering the concepts on their own as well.

    There are also fun online games they can play to review the information well.

    We encourage every child to join JewQ and become a champion!

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