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Thank You Chai Club Members! You make it all happen!




  • Chaim and Sara Emanual
  • Mrs. M. R.
  • Shimon and Devora (Gray) Wrightman
  • Yankie Andrusier
  • Tim and Lesley Spiegel
  • David and Hannah Dodgson 
  • Stephen and Rie Cipes
  • Dr. Chaim and Aliza Wrightman
  • Jeffrey and Jacky Behr
  • Prof. Laen Herschler
  • Alex and Albina Sabry
  • Chaim and Chanie Simon
  • Eleanor Monsma
  • Juan and Mary Knapp
  • Marjorie Labelle
  • Anath Grebler
  • Tracy Satin 
  • Saul and Genoa Katz
  • Perlah Shulamis and Satish Shonek
  • Roberto and Angela Norori 
  • Sholom D. and Zeldie Cunin
  • Irwin and Jacqueline Wislesky
  • Menachem Mendel Zajac 
  • You! 




Dear Friend,

We are eternally grateful to the above Chai Club members for their visionary and generous ongoing monthly support towards the educational and outreach work of Chabad Okanagan. 

Through their partnership, we were enabled to enrich the lives of countless women, men and children who wish to rekindle that ever inspiring, infinite power of their Soul, and reconnect with their sacred, rich heritage. 

We are providing:

  • quality adult and youth education,
  • social activities,
  • awareness programs,
  • Holiday celebrations,
  • hospital visitation, 
  • counselling,
  • one on one learning,
  • tourist assistance,
  • end of life care,
  • and a great array of services - every day of the year!

Their support enables us to continue the above mentioned work, as well as to enhance our vibrant and interactive Jewish community, where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. Thank you.
We wish them an abundance of good health and happiness, and may the light of your great Mitzvah illuminate your life and the lives of those around you! 


Unlike traditional synagogues, Chabad Okanagan does not ask for annual membership dues or require any building fund payments. Each Chabad Centre is self-supporting and is funded individually from the charitable giving of individuals.

To help support the myriad holiday and educational programs, social events, and religious services of Chabad Okanagan, we have created the Chai Club and are inviting you to become our partner.

By becoming our partner through the Chai Club , you are committing to a monthly donation in a multiple of 18, or Chai which means life in Hebrew. As a member of the Chai Club, your donation, combined with everyone else’s, will allow us to continue serving the community’s spiritual needs and allow us to reach out like never before.

We genuinely request you consider one of these Partner Levels. With your help, we will meet and exceed our goals and continue to foster Jewish Living. Throughout the year, members receive constant recognition, periodic gifts and Chabad updates. Most of all they receive the spiritual and eternal dividends that know no bounds!  


This is not a multi level marketing scheme, it’s just simple math. $18 is significant! Watch this: Ten people giving $18 per month is $180 per month. Over twelve months that is $2160. Now if we continue to add ten new donors @ $18 per month for 12 months the total monthly intake is now $2160 and the annual intake is $25,920!

(Just for fun, let’s say five of the ten give $36 instead of $18. The total monthly (after 12 months of new donors) is now $3240 and the annual is $38,880. If we did this for three years the total monthly will be $9720 and annual will be $116,640.)

Thank G‑d as Chabad Okangan has grown and our budget has grown, I am turning to you to join our Chai Club. Pick a dollar amount in multiples of CHAI – LIFE = $18 ($18, $54, $108, $180, $360, $540, $900 etc.) and we will set you up on an automatic monthly charge. You can always increase it or decrease it or discontinue at anytime.

With sincerest gratitude and blessing,
Rabbi Shmuly & Fraidy Hecht

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