Jewish Heritage Night Info                                B"H


 I will be attending the Jewish Heritage Night on December 28th at 5:30pm. 

I am brining a total of  people with me. 

 Credit Card Below                I will mail a check/pay in cash to Chabad Okanagan 

Name on Card:

Card Number: 

Exp Date:             CVV code: 


I would like to give a donation in the amount of: toward the Chanukah Events.

Total to charge card: 

  • Create your own Menroah and WIN BIG! The only criteria is that all 8 flames must be at an equal height, with the ninth flame (Shames) a bit higher. 
  • Bring it with you on the 28th to the bowling alley! 
  • There will be public silent voting via ballots at the bowling alley.
  • The top three winners will win one of three great prizes. (All contestants will receive something.)

 Thank you for joining! Looking forward to celebrating with you! Happy Chanukah! 

Join us for the Grand Menorah Lighting Downtown @ Stuart Park, Sunday December 25th at 5:00pm. 

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