The Okanagan Jewish Art Calendar

 2017-18 / 5778

The Calendar

 It's that time of year again. With the Jewish new year approaching fast, hundreds of copies of our 7th annual beautiful Okanagan Jewish Art calendar featuring an updated design will soon be printed and mailed to homes and businesses in our area and beyond, free of charge.

To be able to provide this - and so many other - valuable services to the widest possible audience, we need to raise the needed sponsorships/funds through businesses/community support and we need your help.

The calendar will include detailed information about upcoming holidays, educational messages, Shabbat and Holiday candle lighting times, traditional Jewish recipes, and popular thematic artwork. The practical design also provides ample room for the recording of personal information and appointments.

Advertise your business   

Chabad’s calendar is a good investment for your advertising dollars.  Unlike ads in the local newspapers that have a very short life span, potential customers will view our colourful and informative Jewish Calendar the whole year round, thus providing maximum return for your dollar.  It will be displayed in homes and offices throughout the community; thus insuring optimum visibility for your products or services. 

Ad Opportunities:


Sponsor this years calendar in memory or honour of a loved one- $1800  

Option 1:

Back Cover-$1800 (includes 8 months free)

Option 2:

Inside Back Cover–$1200 (includes 4 months free)

Option 3:


Business Card- $200 on month page (full month exposure)

Business Card - $110 on Ad page 



Month or Ad Page 

Special!!! 12 Months(1 per month)-$1000

Option 4:


Personal Regards-$40 donation per greeting

Include the birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary, or yahrtzeit of a dear one, or just a greeting

(All occasions will be displayed in the calendar on their actual dates)


Option 5:  

Dedicate a month to the memory or in honour of a loved one- $360

Greeting 1:

Greeting 2:


 Greeting 3:


Payment Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Card Type:
Card Number:
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You may send a check to:

Chabad of the Okanagan
2597 Richter st. 
Kelowna, BC V1Y2R1


Thank you for your support!