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  • Chanukah Tour 5778 Photo GalleryThis year we reached over 500 people, and thousands more through the many news articles and video stories on our work. Four Mayors throughout the Valley, and one MLA joined us in person as well. Our greatest reaching Chanukah Tour yet! Read More
  • From Chanukah 101 to Chanukah Scholar to Mystical Healer A new 5 week course Read More
  • 12 Step Unique Study GroupA brand new initiative. A unique Study Group deeply rooted in the 12 step program with a Jewish flavour!
  • Free Will In JudaismHow much choice do we really have? Read More
  • Which Animals Are Kosher?Which species of animals, birds, fish and vermin are kosher, and which are not? Read More
  • What Does "Schmatte" Mean?This Yiddish word (of Polish provenance) has taken on meanings in
    various areas of Jewish life.
    Read More
  • Spicy Vegan Lentil Bolognaise Read More
Chanukah Tour 5778 / 2017

Okanagan Chanukah Tour

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